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Waxing Services

The Nail Bar & Beautique offers waxing services for the face and body, including the best Brazilian wax in St Augustine. Using the Berodin Luxury Wax Line, we offer the latest technology in polymer formation—it’s gentle on the skin for minimal discomfort. Regardless of your skin type or the coarseness of your unwanted hair, our method is strong but gentle, and will not result in the breakage of your hair follicles, which can otherwise cause irritation during and after your appointment.

 Here at The Nail Bar & Beautique, we are pleased to offer waxing services to all genders in an inclusive and professional environment that allows you to achieve your aesthetic goals. Whether you need waxing for a vacation, a special occasion, or it’s simply a part of your monthly routine, our team is ready to go above and beyond to provide you with a high-quality waxing appointment from start to finish.

Book your appointment for a bikini wax near you to freshen up your appearance with ease. To further enhance your relaxation experience with us, we also offer carboxytherapy near you.

Our Competitive Waxing Price List

Unlike other salons in the area, we are committed to making sure our clients have access to trendy beauty and salon treatments at affordable prices, all without sacrificing quality and effectiveness. Take a look at our competitive waxing price list below:

Back                                 $68
Bikini                                $40
Brazilian                          $
Complete Face               $45
Chin                                 $15
Chest                              $50

Eyebrows Shaping         $20-25
Full Arms                         $56
Full Legs                          $75
Hairline                            $20
Lips                                   $10
Sideburns                        $20
Under Arms                    $30
Upper/Lower Arms        $30-35
Upper/Lower Legs         $35-55

Back                                 $50-60
Bikini Line                       $38-50
Brazilian                          $
Complete Face               $45
Chin                                 $11
Chest                              $44-55

Eyebrows Shaping         $20
Full Arms                         $40-50
Full Legs                          $75
Hairline                            $13
Lips                                   $10
Sideburns                        $13
Under Arms                    $30-35
Upper/Lower Arms        $30-35
Upper/Lower Legs         $35-50

Why Choose Waxing?

While shaving is a convenient temporary option for clients on the go, it can lead to irritating ingrown hairs that can become painful and infected. You’re also required to worry about whether or not you’ve shaved before an event, whether your bikini line is showing, and if you brought your shaving products with you whenever you leave town, which is not something you want to think about when you’re supposed to be having fun.

With waxing, clients are able to have peace of mind whenever they leave the house knowing that they are waxed and ready to go. Using high-quality wax, your esthetician is able to effectively remove unwanted hair from the face and body in as little as 10 minutes, depending on the area. Afterward, your results will last anywhere from a couple of weeks to months, depending on how far along you are in your waxing journey. For clients looking to truly pamper themselves from head to toe, we also offer high-quality services for eyelash extensions in St Augustine and more! 

Book your appointment for full body and leg waxing near you with The Nail Bar & Beautique.

Pre-Appointment Instructions

To make sure you get effective results with every waxing appointment you book with us, please keep in mind the following pre-appointment instructions. If you have any other questions about our waxing services, please give us a call at any time for more information.

  • Avoid shaving in between waxing appointments unless absolutely necessary. This will make sure that the hair is long enough to provide an effective wax, without causing you any discomfort.
  • Exfoliate your skin a day before your waxing appointment to remove any dead skin cells.
  • Keep your skin as moisturized as possible before your appointment. However, avoid applying any lotions before your appointment.
  • Book your waxing appointment at least 3 days before your big event and vacation to ensure your body has time to heal from any irritation.
  • Wear loose clothing to your appointment for your utmost comfort and ease.
  • Please shower before your appointment to make sure your skin is clear of any oils and dirt from the day.
  • Do not tan at least 2 days before your waxing appointment.
  • Do not book a waxing appointment if you have a sunburn or open wound on the area you wish to have treated.

Waxing Aftercare Instructions

Following your waxing appointment, you may experience some discomfort caused by irritation. This is completely normal. However, to minimize irritation and extend the results of your waxing appointment, please take note of the following aftercare instructions. Again, if you have any questions about any of our waxing services, including back waxing near you, please do not hesitate to contact us

  • Avoid extremely hot baths and showers within the first 48 hours of your appointment (including hot tubs, steam rooms, and saunas).
  • Do not exercise or excessively sweat within the first 48 hours after your waxing appointment.
  • Wear loose, clean clothing to avoid any further irritation of the area.
  • Do not apply any lotions, perfumes, or deodorants to the treated area for the first 24 hours.
  • To avoid any ingrown hairs, exfoliate your treated area once or twice a week.
  • To maintain a clean, smooth aesthetic, book a waxing appointment with The Nair Bar & Beautique every 4–6 weeks. Once you begin waxing regularly, the time between your appointments will gradually increase.

Is Waxing Suitable for Everyone?


Here at The Nail Bar & Beautique, we take pride in offering safe beauty and spa treatments to ensure the utmost comfort and safety of each client that books with us. While waxing is a common and effective treatment option for most people, we do ask that clients with the following medical conditions consult with the doctor to ensure they are able to be safely treated with us:

  • Are on or have taken Accutane in the last year.
  • Have eczema or any other skin-related condition that can cause irritation and pain.  
  • Are currently undergoing chemotherapy or radiation
  • Are currently taking a hormonal birth control
  • Are you on antibiotics for an infection

Book Your Brazilian Wax in St Augustine today!

Say goodbye to skin irritation, ingrown hairs, and a complicated shaving routine by removing unwanted hair the right way with The Nail Bar & Beautique. If you’re located in St. Augustine or the surrounding area, book an appointment for one of our high-quality waxing services today!


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Please read through our POLICIES and FAQs before booking an appointment.

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