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Nail Enhancements

Nail Enhancement: Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

What are Nail Enhancements? Nail enhancements are cosmetic treatments performed on natural nails to enhance their appearance, durability, and length. These enhancements come in various forms, including acrylics, gel nails, and dip powder nails, each offering unique benefits and styles.


Acrylic Nails

 Acrylic Full Set W Gel Polish    $70     

  Acrylic Fill In  W Gel Polish    $55  



Healthy SNS Dip Nails

Healthy SNS Dip Nails                      $50

Odorless, light-weight, durable, includes calcium and vitamin E, and has an easy removal process

Gel X Nails

Gel X Full Set With Gel Polish $72.00

Introducing Our Exclusive GelX Nail Service – A Revolution in Nail Enhancement! At The Nail Bar, we’re excited to offer our clients the cutting-edge GelX Nail Service, a game-changer in the world of nail enhancements. GelX nails are renowned for their natural look, exceptional durability, and versatility in design. Unlike traditional extensions, GelX nails are applied directly onto your natural nails, eliminating the need for harsh filing or damaging adhesives.Why Choose GelX Nails

Natural Look & Feel: GelX nails mimic the natural curvature of your nails, providing a flawless, lightweight finish.

Long-Lasting Durability: Enjoy stunning nails that last longer than conventional extensions, perfect for your busy lifestyle

Quick & Easy Application: Our expert technicians can transform your nails swiftly, ensuring a pleasant salon experience.

Wide Range of Styles: From elegant French tips to bold, artistic designs, our GelX service offers limitless possibilities to match your unique style.

Safe & Gentle: We prioritize your nail health. GelX nails are applied with a gentle process that safeguards the integrity of your natural nails.

Our skilled nail artists are ready to create the perfect look for you, whether you’re seeking a subtle enhancement or a bold statement. Book your GelX Nail Service today and experience the future of nail beauty at The Nail Bar & Beautique Your hands deserve the best!

Hard Gel Nails

Hard Gel Full Set              $67

Hard Gel Fill In                   $55

Introduction to Gel Nails Gel nails are a popular choice in nail enhancements, known for their durability and glossy finish. They come in two main types: hard gel and liquid gel. Both offer a way to extend and strengthen nails, but they have distinct properties and applications.

Nail Enhancement Add Ons

Chrome Nails      $15

Cat Eye Nails      $15

Ombre      $15

Nail Art Design      $5 and up  

Tip Extensions      $7

French Tips      $7

Parafin Wax       $10


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