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Facial Treatments

The Nail Bar & Beautique can provide you with the essential facial treatments you need to look your very best.

Dermaplaning Facials for Healthier and Radiant Skin

Dermaplaning is a specialized facial treatment that provides powerful relief from acne scarring, fine wrinkles, dull and dry skin, sun damage, and more. It’s among our most effective tools here at The Nail Bar & Beautique. It can give you the radiant and healthy skin you need for your inner confidence to shine through.

If you’re considering a dermaplaning facial near you, you should choose the trained estheticians at The Nail Bar & Beautique. Our skilled team handles the specialized tool used for dermaplaning expertly, ensuring the best results and total comfort during the procedure.

Dermaplaning is a method of removing the dead and damaged skin cells from the surface of your skin to allow for fresh and vibrant new skin cells to grow. This removes toxins, sun damage, and other issues affecting your skin’s appearance.

The procedure is quick and comfortable, generally taking no more than half an hour. When you come in for your dermaplaning appointment, one of our skilled estheticians will remove dead skin using a specialized tool that scrapes over the surface of your skin at a 45-degree angle.

During the process, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort. At most, there will be a gentle tickling sensation during the procedure. Afterward, we carefully apply a gentle, soothing cream to your face to provide additional protection following the procedure because fresh skin has been exposed.

In the days immediately after your dermaplaning facial, you should avoid excessive exposure to sunlight. Remember: the newly exposed skin cells aren’t just clear and glowing—they’re also highly sensitive and will take a few days to adjust.

Another key benefit of dermaplaning is that it removes the incredibly fine hairs that grow on your face, giving it the smoothest possible texture. If you’re interested in extending that smoothness with leg waxing near you, The Nail Bar & Beautique does that, too!

Microneedling Facial Treatment for Incredibly Clear Skin

The Nail Bar & Beautique also provides the latest microneedling facial treatments to let you look your very best. This innovative treatment has gained massive popularity lately, with the same technique being used not just for facials but skin all over the body.

Our microneedling facials have a ton of benefits, improving your skin’s appearance by reducing scars and boosting collagen for smoothness and tone. It’s a minimally invasive treatment that isn’t going to give fantastic results without side effects.

With our professional estheticians, this simple procedure generally takes around two hours. Afterwards, you’ll get great, long-lasting results. You can improve these results even more with multiple sessions. In fact, most of our clients see optimal results after just four visits.

This facial treatment works by getting your skin to produce more collagen, the same anti-aging compound that’s used in many other types of treatments. The name microneedling comes from the use of tiny pinpricks to the skin to stimulate collagen production.

Your professional microneedling treatment at The Nail Bar & Beautique will be carried out by a trained esthetician using professional tools. The microneedling tool is shaped like a pen, with microneedles at the end to carefully apply the incredibly small pinpricks required.

The microneedles are so small that you won’t notice any marks or feel anything after the procedure. Much like microblading in St. Augustine, our esthetician will apply a topical cream to lightly numb the skin before the procedure.

If you’re interested in relief from acne scars, sun spots, fine wrinkles, or uneven skin tone, you can reach out to The Nail Bar & Beautique today for microneedling near you. We’ll be happy to invite you into our calming salon environment and get you the procedures you need to look and feel your best.

Carboxytherapy Facials

Carboxytherapy is an innovative treatment that’s used to treat skin over the entire body. As such, carboxytherapy facials at The Nail Bar & Beautique are a great way to reduce the appearance of bags underneath your eyes while also giving your skin a radiant glow.

Overall, carboxytherapy helps with under-eye circles and stretch marks. It does so by helping improve skin elasticity and increasing circulation. You’ll also see a decline in fine lines after your carboxytherapy appointment, thanks to how supple your skin will become.

It’s called carboxytherapy because it uses carbon dioxide, the same gas used to make soda bubbles. However, in this case, sterile carbon dioxide gas is routed through a microneedle that allows the esthetician to inject minute quantities of the gas into the skin.

One of the key benefits of the treatment is that carbon dioxide helps stimulate increased collagen production. This improves the overall look of your skin. We target under-eye circles specifically with carboxytherapy facials because they increase circulation and prevent the vascular pooling responsible for the circles.

Carboxytherapy near you is completely safe and very comfortable. We use a simple topical cream to numb the face ahead of the procedure to reduce discomfort to a minimum. While the procedure might feel strange to those who haven’t tried it before, it won’t be painful.

The Perfect Facial Treatment for You at The Nail Bar & Beautique

If you’re having trouble with your complexion or skin tone, you can come to The Nail Bar & Beautique today to find the perfect facial treatment for you. Acne scars, sunspots, or just fine lines and wrinkles can all be handled by our effective treatments.

Our skilled estheticians will be able to help you choose the proper treatment for your individual needs. Not only do we provide an extensive selection of advanced facial treatments, but we also have nail and permanent makeup treatments as well.

You can come to our relaxing eyebrow tinting salon near you for the latest brow treatments, to enjoy our luxuriant manicures and nail enhancements, or to catch up on any type of waxing. The Nail Bar & Beautique is the ultimate one-stop shop for all of your beauty needs.

Here at The Nail Bar & Beautique, you will always get safe and effective procedures from trained professionals. Call us today to schedule a consultation or for your next facial treatment.

Please read through our POLICIES and FAQs before booking an appointment.

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