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Eyebrow Microblading, Lifts, and Tinting

The Nail Bar & Beautique is the premier stop for microblading in St. Augustine. Our experienced team can provide you with the look you need to stay perky and confident all day long. With eyebrow microblading, lifts, and tinting, we can find the perfect solution that’s uniquely you.

Our Eyebrow Microblading

Microblading is among our most popular treatments here at The Nail Bar & Beautique. It’s a safe, simple, and affordable solution to give you the brows you’ve always dreamed of. This semi-permanent makeup procedure is highly versatile, letting our estheticians craft natural-looking brows.

The procedure itself is comfortable and painless for our clients. After carefully determining the proper color and shade for your brows, the esthetician will apply a gentle topical cream that lightly numbs your brows.

After this, we take a fine hand tool to manually deposit the selected pigment into the upper layers of your skin. Our skilled estheticians use specialized tools to expertly mimic the feathering of your brows with fine, hair-like strokes. In the end, you’re left with incredibly detailed and natural-looking eyebrows, giving you the specific fullness, contour, and sharpness you desire. Microblading is semi-permanent, so it will last between 2 to 3 years and may require touch-ups in between that time.

If you’re wondering how much services like microblading near you cost, you can choose The Nail Bar & Beautique for the best value. Our services start at $280 for new applicants, with touch-ups offered for $120. This is one of the highest-quality brow treatments available and can give you the perfect brows you need to fully realize your natural beauty.

Of course, your microblading experience is going to start with a consultation from one of our experienced estheticians. We’ll discuss what your desired outcome for the procedure is and outline your brows to settle on the perfect shape. Our team can also provide a number of additional beauty services, including facials in St. Augustine.

After your microblading, you should take care and avoid getting your eyebrows wet, even during showers. You should even avoid strenuous activities that will cause excessive sweating. While some people might feel that their new brows itch, picking at them must be avoided to allow for proper healing.

Our Eyebrow Lifts

Our professional team can also provide you with brow lifts, a popular new technique similar to microblading and tinting that could deliver just the effect you’re looking for. This procedure is different because it doesn’t rely on pigment, using your own eyebrow hairs instead.

Brow lifts are also called brow sculpting or brow lamination. A brow lift from The Nail Bar & Beautique can give you the stark, feathery look you’re looking for. The procedure itself is incredibly relaxing, especially with the calming environment we always maintain.

One of our professional estheticians will carefully align the individual hairs of your brows and apply a specialized product to hold them in that position. Doing so brings your brows into perfect alignment and visually lifts your eyebrow arch. On top of this, the procedure makes your eyebrows appear fuller and can minimize the appearance of gaps.

You can expect your brow lift to last around two months, giving you an amazing confidence boost the whole time. The procedure itself takes just about an hour each time, not bad for a procedure that lasts two months!

Many clients choose to combine both microblading and brow lifts. This lets them make the fullest use of their natural brows while providing the enhanced fullness of microblading.

Our Eyebrow Tinting

If you’re looking for eyebrow tinting near you, our professional team at The Nail Bar & Beautique can give you just what you’re looking for. Eyebrow tinting is a moderate procedure that can give great results without the pigment injection required for microblading.

Instead, henna dyes are applied to the brow area, achieving tinting that provides exceptional fullness and thickness. There are many different shades available, so we’ll be able to find your perfect match. If you’d like to see how great your brows can look but aren’t ready for a more permanent solution, brow tinting is a great place to start.

By selectively darkening certain areas that are thinner or around the edge of your brows, our estheticians can create a fuller, sculpted appearance. This procedure is relaxing and relatively quick, taking less than half an hour.

After the procedure, you should avoid getting your eyebrows wet for around 12 hours to avoid any of the dye running. The dyes we use are safe, so there’s no reason to be concerned about the procedure being dangerous or anything of the sort.

At The Nail Bar & Beautique, you’ll be in the hands of our trusted estheticians, who can help you find the perfect brow treatment for your desired outcome. Whether you’re looking to improve your confidence or gain instant energy, we have the brow procedure for you.

Expert Beauty Consultations With The Nail Bar & Beautique

At The Nail Bar & Beautique, we offer an extensive lineup of beauty services. This includes our brow procedures, along with facials, nails, and brazilian wax in St. Augustine. You can reach out to us today to schedule a full beauty consultation and find out which of our services are right for you.

These procedures can come together to let you realize your fullest beauty and confidence. They’re also relaxing and luxurious, giving you a premier salon experience here in St. Augustine. Take a moment out of your busy days to truly unwind and get the pampering you deserve.

Of course, our professional team is up to all the highest salon standards. We implement the best hygiene practices, ensuring that all of our procedures are carried out in sterile and sanitized environments.

If you’re interested in what The Nail Bar & Beautique has to offer you, you can call to book your first appointment with us. Whether you’re looking for brow microblading, lifts, or tinting, or any of our other fine services, we’re available to help you look your very best today.


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